Mandy Mortimer. Photographer. Foodie. BAKER & COOK.
Not necessarily in that order.

Dublin based video editor by day. Photographer, cook, cutlery collector, food stylist, feeder, "the girl who bakes" by night. Actually, mostly by weekend.


Honestly obsessed with all things in the kitchen, what started out as a blogging pass time, food styling and photography have now become a second job. A very tasty one at that.

I've had work appear in Ireland's Food & Wine magazine, Irish foodie website as well as Irish broadcaster TV3's own food website, and also on Irish dairy brand Avonmore's recipe website. 

Besides shooting a dish's best side for editorial content, I also enjoy being in the foodie world capturing natural moments of enjoyment and socialising at food-centred events.

Beyond that, I've also decided to combine my 15+ years of editing skills and TV production experience with my love of food to produce food in motion; that is, in video form. From instructional to pure "food porn", I work alongside an exceptional DOP to create videos that will leave you licking the screen.

Interested in my existing photos, most of which you can see over on my blog, What the Fruitcake?! or others still to come? Then send an e-mail to whatthefruitcake [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd love to hear from you.